Ralph and Thomas on the Beach

With all the great weather I spent a few hours with Ralph the Goldendoodle and Tom the Cockapoo having fun on the beach at Bridlington. Lots of action and energy !!


Gun Dog retrieving a Grouse

The moors at this time of the year are a glorious array of colour with the heather in full bloom, we had a session with Truffle the black Spaniel using her talents working to the gun.

Gun dog with Grouse 1

Gun dog with Grouse 13

Gun dog with Grouse 12

Gun dog with Grouse 11

Gun dog with Grouse 10

Gun dog with Grouse 9

Gun dog with Grouse 8

Gun dog with Grouse 7

Gun dog with Grouse 6

Spaniel head

Spaniel swimming 2

Gun dog with Grouse 5

Gun dog with Grouse 4

Gun dog with Grouse 3

Gun dog with Grouse 2

spaniel swimming

Joe the Gentle Giant

Last Thursday on a sunny day in the historic city of Durham I met Joe with his owner Lynn and here are some of the images.













Truffle retrieving a Grouse

Loulou and Barney playing in the corn

Loulou had a walk with her mate Barney and they both had a great time in Chester’s corn field just before it was to be harvested.

A Day Out With Helen and Ed

When Loulou meets Barney

When Loulou and Barney had a day at the beach together it was difficult to tell them apart when they had been in the sea.

Four Legged Friend on the beach

With the great weather at the moment we took the opportunity to do a wonderful fun shoot on the beach with the ever so slightly mad Labradoodle LouLou !

We had a fabulous time on the beach at Whitby with her Frisbee and she was in and out of the surf.

Looking for the next Frisbee to catch !!

Having a well earned rest on a convenient rock !!

Lost in the surf

Sometimes she even brought it back , getting it off her was the next task !!