Victoria and Gerard in Whitby

Whitby is one of my favourite places to have a walk around , not least for the Fish and Chips !! So when we decided to have Victoria and Gerard’s pre wedding shoot in Whitby I was excited about the prospect of finding all those wonderful places to take some images to use for a signature mount to be at the reception for guests to leave thoughts about the special day. I have picked a few of my favourites and i think that they show that we did have a ball doing the shoot.

Louise and James at the Cow and Calf Rocks

In the morning the rain came down like a monsoon but it cleared from the west and we had a great time taking some pre wedding images of Louise and James on the Cow and Calf Rocks near Ilkley. Just had to take some images of Louise’s fab shoes at the top of the “Cow” rock. Brilliant !! Looking forward to the wedding, maybe in the snow !!