Yorkshire Post backs Mike Nowill Photography Yorkshire Folk Project

Yorkshire Folk put in the frame.

I have set up a new personal photography project to highlight the people that make Yorkshire what it is. The Yorkshire Folk project aims to find the unsung heroes, good Samaritans, real characters or just plain wacky people of Yorkshire.
We all know there are unsung heroes in our midst, be it the lollipop lady who has stood on the corner, rain or shine, for 30 years, helping keep children safe, to the person that raised thousands for charity by sitting in a bath of beans in the town square!
We have the people keeping up traditions, and the people doing things never tried before. Yorkshire has a rich history of special people, and I want to capture that for the 21st Century.

I Hope to give such people the recognition that they deserve, for putting Yorkshire on the map, or just making it a place that so many enjoy living in and visiting. Successful nominees will each have a lifestyle photography session with me and a photograph will be chosen to be exhibited in York starting on Yorkshire Day, 1st August 2010. A press launch smaller exhibition of the photographs which have been taken so far was opened last Thursday at the Living Room restaurant in Bridge Street, York and will run for 6 weeks.

Victoria Havercroft

Victoria’s journey is a true example of the search that we all embark on of self discovery and purpose, knowing that by far the most important skill to learn is happiness. Graduating as a Civil Engineer Victoria spent many years on prestigious construction projects around the country before traveling to Canada to pursue her dream of discovering the key to happiness and sharing it with others.

Under the guidance of an incredible teacher, Liz Mitten-Ryan, Victoria discovered her flare for inspiring others to achieve their dreams.

She then went on to train with internationally renowned speaker and trainer Christopher Howard in Results Technologies – The Art and Science of Achieving Results, before creating her own training to deliver accelerated positive change and confidence.
Victoria also does charity fund raising for Independent Domestic Abuse.

Sean Baxter

Sean is never happier than when he is at sea, by the sea, scouring the foreshore or wandering the cliffs. This environment is Sean’s second home. Any outdoor environment can be dangerous but Sean’s knowledge gained over the years of fishing, roaming the foreshore and rescuing those less acquainted with the tides and other hazards encountered in this area has given him an unique awareness and respect for this World.
Sean started fishing, full-time, out of Staithes in 1973 and is a member of the Staithes Lifeboat crew and he is passionate about the Yorkshire Coast and in particular Staithes with it’s great maritime history.

George Pickles
The Ripon City Hornblower

Every night of the year without fail, a horn is blown at the four corners
of the Obelisk in Ripon Market Place to set the ‘watch’ and then blown again
outside the house of the Mayor.

This ceremony commemorates the time in the Middle Ages when Ripon’s first citizen, the Wakeman, was responsible for crime prevention in the city from 9 p.m. until dawn and had to compensate victims of burglary. This ceremony has taken place every day since the year 886 and is the longest running ceremonial act in the world. For the last 8 years George Pickles, who is 73 years of age, has continued this great tradition in rain, snow and sunshine and is proud of what he does for the Ripon community and Yorkshire.

Adam Douglas

Adam is the Chairman and founder of the charity The Forgotten Heroes that is dedicated to assisting our wounded or injured Servicemen ?and women together with their families and carers whose lives have changed dramatically? in the service of their country. The Forgotten Heroes is committed to providing quality information and assistance in an ?effort to upgrade the quality of life for our heroes and their families by raising the standards? of support for those who have given what we can never repay. Adam served as a regular in the Royal Dragoon Guards was trained as a radio specialist in a Tank Regiment and left the Army in 1997. In early 2003 because of a shortage of specialist radio operators Adam was called up and placed in an infantry regiment, with little training in an unfamiliar role he took on the task in Iraq and was wounded in March 2003.
The poor level and standard of support he and his family received whilst being treated for his injuries led him to found the charity.

Tracey Barraclough

Tracey’s story is about the triumph of the human spirit over huge adversity and she considers herself to be one of life’s true survivors.

Due to a genetic mutation that ripped through her (maternal) family, she was given an 85% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and a 60% risk of developing ovarian cancer. She therefore faced the most difficult of choices: Radical preventative surgery to have healthy parts of her body removed or face an almost certain untimely death. With a young son Josh to think about, she chose the former and had her breasts, ovaries and womb removed. With the constant threat of the potential killer removed she has gone on to undertake many more challenges. During this time Tracey has worked closely with Cancer Research UK raising both awareness and money, speaking at many of their events. Tracey was extremely proud to be Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life Ambassador in 2002 and 2003.

Tracey now works as an inspirational speaker and likes people to leave her talks and workshops feeling inspired, empowered and energized, as she indeed is!